Monday, July 2, 2012

Preview of Balenciaga’s ‘Florabotanica’ fragrance packaging



Details from graziadailyUK

Our fave part of the pack is the pop-up cardboard mock-up of the campaign featuring a miniature cut-out of Kristen Stewart encased in a floral wilderness. Blue Peter, eat yer heart out! It's provided us Graziettes with hours of fun. And with ‘classicism meets experimentation’ as the premise for the perfume plus our fave tomboy Twilight star, the edgy fantasy vibe is a perfect fit.

The story behind the perfume is rooted (pardon the pun) in the most exotic plant species around. “It’s a secret garden where you find surprising flowers that surpass the imagination. But flowers can be cruel, carnivorous or venomous,” muses creator Nicholas Ghesquière. “What would a perfume that contained the charm and mystery of flowers be like?” Well, Nicholas just darn well went and made it.

So, with two internationally renowned perfumer noses and the super cool actress in tow, along came Florabotanica. “At first glance, it is a very floral, almost romantic composition. But on closer inspection, a stronger and more obscure character can be discerned,” notes Ghesquière. Using hybrid roses, mossy, mysterious notes from vetiver, amber and caladium leaves and exhilarating tinges from mint and carnations expect a scent both “tender and dangerous”. If your nostrils aren’t tingling by now, well we don’t know what’s wrong with you. Besides, this is the only scent that got Kristen wearing fragrance for the first time ever!

And the bottle is as edgy as K-Stew herself. Gushing about the packaging, Ghesquière said: “The oversized tube with bold lines plunges into the floral perfume like a laboratory test tube looking to capture the essence of flowers.”

The launch date of September 19th [in the UK]  seems a long way away to get our paws on the perfume...

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